Dedicated to making your company successful 

Identifying the right executives to lead the way forward


Whether your company is looking to strengthen the Board of Directors or bring on new leadership in the Chief Medical Officer or Corporate Executive roles, we can identify highly qualified individuals with a track record of success that are interested in being part of your future.


We have solid relationships with leaders in their fields, and an excellent window into the up and coming stars in our industry. 

If we are not in a position to succeed on your project, whether due to specificity of requirements or bandwidth of our internal team, we will not accept the business.

About Us

Our Founder


Sophia Davis

Sophia founded BioDirectors after spending 20+ years building an unmatched network of executives in the biotech/ pharmaceutical industry.  

Her experience includes helping people start companies, executive recruitment for development executives and corporate officers, and business development within the drug development space.  

When working with growing companies, Sophia leverages her networks to assist those companies in areas beyond the scope of the formal BioDirectors business relationship, without expectation of any remuneration. 

Our Mission

Experience and Integrity

BioDirectors provides experienced, highly qualified executives for key roles at growing biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  With a strong reputation of integrity, the company leverages its global network of industry executives to identify the best individuals able to make a significant positive difference in the future of a company. 

02. Dedication to success 

Our efforts are based on hard work and dedication to our clients, combined with experience and an ability to get things done.  Our founder is personally involved with most projects, and takes responsibility for making each one a success. 


03. We Treat You and Your Company with Respect

Our clients range from virtual start-ups to publicly traded companies.  Each has different needs, but respect is a constant throughout all of our client relationships.  No one knows your company as well as you do, and our efforts are tailored to provide the right outcome at the right time for your company.