Company founders are often limited to their existing networks when identifying Board Members, and may not have access to individuals with valuable skillsets outside of their area of expertise. Investors have a larger network of potential Board Members to draw from, but even these may not yield available interested executives with the right experience and knowledge to help a specific company move to the next stage of development.

Qualified executives with high levels of expertise and experience are also limited to their individual networks. These potential Board Members have valuable skillsets and a desire to mentor growing companies.

BioDirectors provides executive search services, leveraging one of the largest executive networks in the biopharmaceutical industry to help companies looking to create or augment their Board of Directors.

Our network of potential Board Candidates includes:

  • Current Biotech/Pharma Board Members

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Medical Officers

  • Corporate Counsels

  • Heads of Business Development/Licensing

  • Heads of Commercialization

  • Heads of R&D

  • Heads of Regulatory Affairs

  • Digital Healthcare Experts

  • Consultants with Expertise in Raising Capital and/or Founding Biotech/Pharma Companies

Board of Directors Members

Areas of focus

Key Leadership Roles

Finding the right individuals for key leadership roles in growing biotech/pharma companies is essential.  Our established relationships and strong network of individuals already in these roles enables BioDirectors to successfully identify highly experienced, qualified executives.  Our focus on finding the right fit - for both the company and the individual - produces successful results that last.

Chief Medical Officer roles are an area of special expertise.  Strong personal as well as professional relationships provide BioDirectors with insight into intangible aspects which can be difficult to define yet impact whether there is a true match between the individual and the organization.

Key executive roles we provide recruitment support for include:

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Medical Officers

 We also help companies identify expert-level consultants in:

  • Clinical Development   

  • Corporate Leadership

  • Medical Affairs 

  • Regulatory Affairs 

  • Strategic Positioning